3 Reasons Not to Get a Jack Russell Terrier

Awe... puppy! đŸ¶ That’s what my mom says anytime she sees a pup. She believes all little boys need a pup and I have to agree with her. Little boys are so much fun!!

(Does this pose make me look suspicious?)

Frodo New Puppy Posing for a picture

The 3 things I hear my parents and brothers talk to me about are these, which must mean they are also the...

Top 3 Reasons NOT to get a Jack Russell Terrier

  1. Stop biting!
  2. Be soft & cuddly.
  3. Go potty outside!

They just don’t trust me. I’m on a leash constantly even in-doors sometimes so I don’t run away or poop đŸ’© in an undesirable place. I guess I don't want to go potty indoors either, I just cant really tell the difference yet. 

Frodo New Puppy not cuddling

So, I suppose if you’re looking for a cuddly, non-biting pup who loves to only have indoor adventures then stay away from my kind. See, I’m a Jack Russell Terrier and I was made to be outdoors, to hunt foxes and bite them and have out door adventures. Oh and did I mention running is my fave! If you open the door, I will run out there faster than you can say stop. My brothers have had to chase me down several times already.

Sadly for my fam and others, we Jack Russell Terriers are not cuddly, I mean unless we are sleepy after our adventures. We are smart and will know when you’re sad and just know that playing ball with us, can always bring a smile to your face.

Frodo Puppy Dog Biting

I might not love to be indoors, but I will sure protect you from the people outdoors! I can sniff someone from across the cul-de-sac and will let you know they are there whether you want to know or not!

Our type are fighters. We have been known to survive deer attacks and getting hit by a car! I’d rather not try those though, we can survive but it’s not recommended to test this out. Let's just say my family knows from previous experience. 

My family really loved my older brother who passed away 9 yrs ago named Plato. They call me Plato sometimes, it's ok, cause it was their first JRT, (maybe you remember him) he had the heart of a fighter and knowing how much he fought for his life when he had a broken back, was blind and a tumor in his brain. He still managed to be happy through all of that pain, the will to survive and to love for his family makes me want to be a good pup too. RIP Plato! I guess they couldn’t choose a different breed of pup, we are pretty amazing!

Frodo's Puppy Brother Plato

Something I’ve heard my parents talk about is something called Neutering, and I have a Doctor's appointment to get one. They said it will help with my self control and lessen the impulses. I don’t know what it means but who knows maybe the Doctor is going to help me be more cuddly.

I would recommend a fenced yard for us JRTs too (which we don’t have yet) but I know will be so fun to be off the leash when it happens, although I am known to be an expert digger too. 😬 I should probably tell them that!

If you’re looking to get your kids a pet maybe you could start with hamsters đŸč, so they can get used to a non-cuddly pet. My family had some hamsters and they died. Hopefully I won’t die, I hadn’t even thought of it that way.  I guess it was a good starting point to help my brothers to remember to feed them and clean up their cages and they are fun to watch and chase too. I think I need a hamster pet!

I would recommend watching Zac George videos to train your pup. My parents have loved his YouTube videos.  

Side note, Dad has allergies, so I am an indoor pup. As long as they keep me bathed every 3-4 days (not my fave) and only go out for potty breaks, I don’t get dirty and muddy or dusty, then he is ok. It’s all about keeping me clean.

Hope this helps, comment below and LMK if you chose hamsters or a pup and if you're the unlucky one to get a Jack Russell.

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